Over ten years of professional production

Annual production of 12000 tons of sulfur hexafluoride (purity can reach the national standard of nearly 5N)



      Chengdu Kemeite Special Gas Co., Ltd (KMT) is located in the Industrial Development Zone, Pengzhou, Sichuan Province, with over 200 employee, fixed asset of 32 million dollars and annual value of production of over 52 million dollars. With years of constantly updated progress on technical and bringing in advanced technology and equipment from home and abroad, KMT has become a leading manufacturer in special gas industry of SF6 and CF4 gas applied in industrial and electronic grade areas.

      KMT now has the annul plant capacity to produce 7000 tons of SF6 ( the purity can reach up to nearly 5N standard of GB) and 1200 tons of electronic grade of CF4, which is also equipped with SF6 device with more advanced technology and higher capacity in the same industry. Especially, KMT now has 280 units equipment to mainly produce SF6—electrolyers, which all use high priced, high intensity and strong corrosion resistance Monel alloy materials. The electrolysers are all equipped with high frequency switching power supply which is technologically advanced and operatively steady, thus, compared with electrolysers made of cheap carbon steel and silicon-controlled rectifier equipment of the same industry, no matter for the devices' continuous production capacity, or for the control of the product quality, ours greatly dominate when it comes to the quality guarantee.(The Monel electrolysers used by our company are able to avoid the impact posed by the iron ion impurities on the production and quality of SF6 during its production, especially the emergence of the impurities by products, such as C3F8、S2OF2、SO2F2、S2F100 and others. The quality of our company's SF6 products completely meet the safety requirements of devices with 220KV—1000KV high voltage and Ultra high-pressure electrical equipment)

      KMT makes some improvements and innovations of the productive technology, especially the purification processes of the products. Together with professional scientific research colleges, after developing and adding a distillation equipment which is domestically and internationally large in capacity and fairly advanced in technology, now the annual production of SF6 can reach up to 7000 tons. KMT is now producing the product SF6 with the quality index all exceed GB/T12022-2014 quality standard and purity of more than 99.998%, moisture of less than 1.2PPM, impurity percentage of C3F8 beyond GB standard is below 10PPM, the other impurities (S2OF2, SO2F2, S2F10O) are all eradicated so that carbon deposit and oxidation caused by the impurities to switch circuit breaker contactor as well as the damage to human body in the course of using the SF6 gas will be avoided, which guarantees the lifespan of the devices. The product quality of KMT's SF6 product has reached the top-ranking level in the nation, which is absolutely superior to the manufacturers in the same industry.

      KMT has established its complete enterprise management system and has been approved by ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, ISO14001:2004 environment system certification, and ISO18001:2007 safety management system certification. Also, KMT has established and improved its unique quality management and control system of enterprises, from product quality control during the productive process to the SF6 cylinder treatment and SF6 product inspection to keep a tight rein on production control and product quality inspection. All of the SF6 cylinders have been treated with pickling and shot blasting to ensure no iron-containing discharge substances such as rusty piece or free rust in any of the cylinders of the SF6 products so as to maintain the pressure level of the switch and the circuit breaker and to eliminate discharge accidents resulted from the rusty SF6 cylinders. KMT owns perfect quality detect device and methods, and has the advanced PDHID gas chromatograph and Japan Shimadzu—(GC – MS), which can detect dozens of microimpurities qualitatively and quantitatively and can meet the detection and control for all the special use products.

In the final inspection of the finished SF6 products, it is required to give a full inspection of every index of each product to ensure every SF6 product inspected and recorded one by one so as to guarantee that every cylinder of the product has the quality profile when leaving the factory, which is quite unique in the field of SF6 and no other manufacturers manage to do so. And this basically puts an end to some possible SF6 quality problems by means of batch sampling by other factories, which makes our company not only own the domestically-leading product quality, but also excellent and reliable guarantee of product quality.

KMT’s SF6 and CF4 products are widely marketed to many customers in different countries and regions, such as KDK in Japan, WONIK and Hyundai Heavy Industries in Korea, Dupont in America, Taiwan, India and so on. Besides, KMT is the leading SF6 supplier of main electrical equipment production companies, like XD Group, Henan Pinggao Electric Co., Ltd and Shandong Taikai High Voltage Switchgear Co., Ltd, which accounts for more than 60% of its demand of SF6. Also, KMT has good business relationship with domestic joint ventures and foreign-funded enterprise, such as Pinggao TOSHIBA High Voltage, Hyundai Heavy Industries (China) Electric Co., Ltd, Xiamen Huadian Switchgear Co., Ltd, ABB and so on. At present, KMT’s SF6 products account for over 50% in domestic market. And the 550KV, 750KV, 800KV,1000KV switch circuit breakers built by XD Group and Henan Pinggao Electric Co., Ltd all use KMT’s SF6 products.

KMT has a perfect logistics and after-sales service system, which can deliver the goods with quality and quantity guaranteed to the domestic places required by customers timely. In the current situation of increasingly fierce competition in SF6 market, KMT will treasure the opportunity given by our customers. And we will focus on the future to provide the customers with the best quality, best reasonable price and perfect after-sales service to establish long-term strategic partnership with the customers, hand in hand advance and develop together.