Tetrafluoromethane (CF4)

Summary:Tetrafluoromethane (CF4) is a plasma etching gas widely used in the microelectronics industry. It is widely used in the etching of silicon, silicon dioxide, silicon nitride and phosphosilicon glass. It is also widely used in surface cleaning of electronic devices, production of solar cells, laser technology, low temperature refrigeration, gas insulation, leakage detection agent, attitude control of space rocket, stain remover, lubricant and brake fluid in printed circuit production. Because of its strong chemical stability, CF4 can also be used in metal smelting and plastics industry. Nowadays, the characteristics and development trend of electronic gases used in VLSI are ultra-pure, ultra-clean and multi-variety and multi-scale. In order to promote the development of microelectronic industry, countries pay more and more attention to the development of special electronic gas production technology. CF4 has long occupied the etching gas market with its relatively low price, so it has broad development potential



Chemical Chinese name: tetrafluoromethane

Chemical name: Tetrafluoromethane

Product Description: Tetrafluoromethane, also known as carbon tetrafluoride, colorless, tasteless, odorless gas. Insoluble in water, 0.0015% at 25℃ under atmospheric pressure, soluble in chloroform and benzene. This product is non-toxic and non-combustible. High concentrations have anesthetic effects. Its high purity gas and its mixture of high purity oxygen are currently the most used plasma etching gas in the microelectronics industry, and can also be used as low temperature refrigerant and low temperature insulating medium. Good chemical and thermal stability, inert to many reagents, no hydrolysis at 1000℃. It does not react with copper, nickel and tungsten at room temperature. Due to the strong chemical stability of C-F bond, perfluorocarbons (CF4) can be considered basically non-toxic.




Specifications Execution standard Maximum pressure CF4 Loaded weight(Unit :kg)
43.3L Seamless Cylinder DOT3AA 2265Psi 28
47L Seamless Steel Cylinder DOT3AA 2175Psi 30
48.8L Seamless Cylinder DOT3AA 2400Psi 32
440L Y bottle DOT3AA 2400Psi 300
470L Y bottle DOT3AA 2400Psi 320





Project name


tetrafluorofluorocarbon purity CF4 (volume fraction) / 10-2≥


Oxygen + argon content O2+Ar (volume fraction) / 10-6 <


Nitrogen content N2 (volume fraction) / 10-6 <  


sulfur hexafluoride SF6 (volume fraction) /10-6 <


CO (volume fraction) /10-6 <


CO2 (volume fraction) /10-6 <


H2O (volume fraction) / 10-6 <


acidity HF (volume fraction) / 10-6 <


Total hydrocarbon THC (CH4) (volume fraction) / 10-6 <


Other halocarbon OHC (volume fraction) / 10-6 <


Total impurity content (volume fraction) /l0-6        ≤



Negotiation between supply and demand

Special note: If the customer has the requirements of control indicators, the indicators agreed between our company and the customer shall prevail.



Critical pressure (MPa) : 3.745

Appearance and properties: colorless and odorless gas at normal temperature and pressure
PH value: No data Melting point/freezing point (℃) : -183.6
Boiling point (℃) -127.9 (101.3KPa) Flash point (℃) : meaningless
gas density (21.1℃; 101.3KPa) : 3.65kg/m3 Relative density (air =1) : 3.09
Combustion heat (KJ/mol) : No data available Saturated vapor pressure (kpa) : 13.33 (-150.7℃)
Critical temperature (℃):-45.7
N-octanol/water partition coefficient: No data available Explosion upper limit % (v/v); Meaningless
Lower explosive limit % (v/v) : meaningless Solubility: Insoluble in water


Special note: If the customer has requirements for control indicators, the agreed indicators shall prevail.

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