What is gas mixture? Mixed gas use

Release time:2023-03-29

gas mixture is a gas which contains two or more kinds of effective components, or a gas which is not an effective component but its content exceeds the specified limit.


The properties of a gas mixture depend on the type and composition of the gas. The composition of the gas mixture can be expressed in three ways.

(1) Volume component: the ratio of the component volume of the gas and the total volume of the gas mixture, expressed by ri. The so-called component volume refers to the exclusive volume of the component gas at the temperature and total pressure of the gas mixture.

② Mass component: the ratio of the mass of the constituent gas to the total mass of the mixed gas, expressed by wi

③ Molar composition: Molar is a unit of measure of substance. A system contains one mole of matter if it has as many basic units (which can be atoms, molecules, ions, electrons or other particles) as 0.012 kilograms of carbon - 12 atoms. The ratio of the number of moles of the constituent gas to the total number of moles of the mixture, expressed by xi


Dry air: 21% oxygen and 79% nitrogen gas mixture

Carbon dioxide mixture: 2.5% carbon dioxide +27.5% nitrogen +70% helium

Excimer laser gas mixture: 0.103% Fluorine + Argon + Neon + Helium gas mixture

Welding gas mixture: 70% helium +30% argon gas mixture

High Efficiency Light Bulb Filling Gas Mix: 50% Krypton +50% argon gas mix

Labor pain relief gas mixture: 50% laughing gas +50% oxygen gas mixture

Blood analysis gas mixture: 5% carbon dioxide +20% oxygen +75% nitrogen gas mixture

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